Active:  January, 2005 – 2008

AIM for Seva, Uttaranchal,
P.O Box 30, Rishikesh 249201,
INDIA (Part of Swami Dayanandha Ashram, Rishikesh)


Organization Background

Established in November 2000, and staffed by volunteers, AIM’s programs are meant to bridge the gap between mainstream society and people living in remote areas. AIM’s primary goals are to establish economic, social, and cultural strength within all of India. The focus of AIM for Seva is service in the deepest sense of caring; care that promotes self-sufficiency and maintains the dignity of those who are served.

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Impact Made by Upakriti

AIM for Seva is running an evening tuition centre for the children of the poor laborers and immigrants from neighboring states, in urban Rishikesh, Uttaranchal. The tuition centre was started in June 2004. The initial roll was for 30 children. But the need for this facility in the community is so great that already, within two months of opening, there are more than 70 children regularly attending. At the tuition centre these children are helped to improve their academic standard. They are provided with free tuition in the subjects of English, Hindi, Sciences, Arts and moral and cultural studies. Every three months the student’s performance will be evaluated and individual student records are maintained. All expenditure is already documented and accounted for. AIM for Seva is looking to give tuition to the many children now on the waiting list for a place in the centre. It would also like to provide more nutritious food but at present the budget does not allow. Since Jan 2005, Upakriti is happy to support this effort that will advance educational opportunities for these children and also will improve the quality of their life. We plan to accomplish this by facilitating improvements in areas such as teacher staffing, school supplies, and basic infrastructure needs. We will also contribute towards better nutritious food for these children.

Children Supported 70+
Impact Area Tuition center for under-privileged urban children
Budget Allocated $1800/annum
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Past Sponsorships

Anandotsav –
On Diwali 2005 new cots were purchased for the kids as winter is very harsh in Rishikesh.
On Diwali 2006 , a special dinner  was sponsored by a donor/volunteer (Thanks to Vedha Krishnan for celebrating her Diwali with the children)

SmithaVardhanam – On July 2006, a special lunch was organized for children (Thanks to Saravana Kumaran for sponsoring this on his birthday)

Niramaya – As part of taking care of the health of the kids in AIM, two new water heaters for the hostels were installed so that the children could use hot water in winter for bathing.