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Avatar 2016

Avatar (May 6th & 7th, 2016) by Visweta

Upakriti is proud to partner with Visweta for an exhilarating dance event, Avatar on May 6th &7th in Dublin, CA. Visweta is a vibrant and spirited group of dancers and choreographers who have embarked on an extravaganza called Avatar, which promises to an adventurous undertaking on life, love, longing, dreams, desire and memory. You don’t want to miss this. Please visit Visweta’s website for more info.

All proceeds from this event to benefit CHES, Chennai.


Movember update (Dec ’15)

Thank you all. I was able to raise the necessary funds for CHES and $1000 is fully matched. Wish to thank you all for your kindness and generosity!

Caveman has now retired safely to his cave. Who knows maybe more of them will appear next year to raise awareness and help more childrenūüôā

Happy holidays and wishing you a happy & prosperous 2016!



Movember initiative (Nov ’15)

My name is Aravind and I’ve decided to go all caveman on you.

If you didn’t already know, Movember is Men‚Äôs health awareness initiative across the globe. This is not only a great time to showcase your handlebar moustaches, but also a great time to raise awareness on issues that is close to your heart.

I am dedicating my caveman appearance this month towards Upakriti and its underprivileged children’s projects. I need your help in raising funds to provide hundreds¬†of underprivileged kids access to basic living with a safe roof over their heads, healthy nutrition, and, most importantly, access to good education so they may become proud citizens of the world in the future. As you can imagine, this goes a long way in sharing our joy a world away. Of course, this also helps me with limited funds to basic shaving needs end of this month. If not I would be driven to a caveūüôā

I have another good news to share. An anonymous donor has come forward to match dollar-to-dollar up to $1000. I need your help to reach that target.

Watch this short video of the children who will be helped:

Here’s the quick button to donate:


Happy Movember!!!





Children’s Art Contest Results – 2015

The first Upakriti Children’s Art Contest conducted on Saturday May 30 at DeAnza Park Sunnyvale was a grand success with¬†close to 30 kids participating and raising money for underprivileged children at CHES and SOCARE.

The day started with excited parents and kids arriving early, armed with their art supplies. After registering and picking up their anonymized drawing sheets, the children and parents settled down enthusiastically in the room. The first 10 minutes was a presentation, tailored for the kids, about underprivileged children in India. They understood the extent of help needed and the importance of helping others in need. Later on, they also wrote up private messages for the children at CHES and SOCARE on pre-prepared charts.

Then the competition timer started, and the children began unleashing their creativity. While some kids finished drawing in 20 minutes, a few other drew for the entire allotted time of 50 minutes.The children drew art on various themes including Happy Children, Sharing food and toys, and, How I would help poor kids. The three judges, Aruna Piravi, a local professional artist, Sumedha Gupta a high school senior and artist who was featured in San Jose Mercury News for raising money to help educate kids in India by auctioning her art, and Nanci Jhaveri, an art aficionado and primary school teacher, spent the next 45 minutes examining every painting and deliberated over the winners in each category. They looked for creativity, use of color & space, and adherence to the theme and were floored by the level of detail and originality exhibited by the children. The children meanwhile were engaged in fun outdoor games like lemon and spoon, three legged race, and, Simon says in the adjoining park. Once the judges finished deliberating, the children and parents came back into the room and the prize distribution began. Every child was recognized for his/her creativity and was awarded a participation certificate. The judges were so impressed by the effort of the kids in 5-6yr category that they gave out 2 second prizes.

Both the parents and kids commented about how much fun the event was. Upakriti wishes to salute the talented little artists for their charitable spirit, for their hard work, perseverance, and, for wanting to make a difference in the lives of kids who are less privileged than themselves. The children at CHES and SOCARE extend their sincere gratitude for the thoughtfulness and patience of the parents who have encouraged their children to expand their horizons.

Here are some pictures from the event.






Age 7-9 winners:

Advay Arvind & Kora Dey



Age 10 & above winner:

Anubha Gupta



Age 5-6 winners:

Sanvitti Manchanda, Aaranya Chandra, Anvita Aravind


Click here for more pictures including every painting and the prize giving.



Children’s Art Contest


Join us for an opportunity to educate underprivileged kids in India while educating our own kids on kindness, compassion, and empathy. 

On May 30, in Sunnyvale, Upakriti is hosting a drawing contest for kids aged 5-13yrs.  All proceeds from the event benefit the children at CHES, a home for the orphans of AIDS, the tsunami and other destitute.

Event Details:

When: Saturday May 30

Time: 9:45am – 12pm

Where: De Anza Park, 1150 Lime Drive Sunnyvale, CA  94088 (look for the park building) map

Who: Kids ages 5-13 (3 different age groups)

Fee: $20/child ($15 for sibling)

Why: All proceeds benefit underprivileged children of CHES

Prizes: Apart from trophies, winning entries will be featured on, the Upakriti newsletter and displayed at the next Upakriti drawing contest Wall of Fame. Everyone receives participation prizes.

The event includes a short educational session, for children, about children in need, the drawing contest, fun games, and awards ceremony with participation prizes for all. Top 2 winners win exciting gifts and will be featured on our website, monthly newsletter and subsequent art contest Wall of Fame.

Due to venue limitations, we are only able to enroll the first 50 kids at this time.

As mentioned, the participation fee will be used as a part of Upakriti funds to buy uniforms, books and pay the school fees for the children at CHES. Since we want to maximize proceeds from the contest for the children at CHES, we request participants bring their own art supplies including pencils, erasers, scale and specific mediums listed below for each age category. We will provide the art paper.

The themes for the contest are the following:

Ages 5-6:

  1. Happy Children
  2. A Magical World

All children ages 5-6 must use ONLY color pencils, crayons, and markers. No other mediums permitted.

Ages 7-9:

  1. Helping others
  2. Sharing food and toys

All children ages 7-9 must use ONLY color pencils, crayons, markers, and oil pastels. No other mediums permitted.

Ages 10-13

  1. How I would help poor kids
  2. The best things about school

All children ages 10-13 must use ONLY color pencils, crayons, markers, oil pastels and water colors. No other mediums permitted.

Children are also encouraged to write a note explaining their art and thought process.

Please make use of this rare opportunity for your child to develop awareness about underprivileged children and learn to help others through art and colors. 

To register fill out form below and donate the appropriate amount. All donations are tax deductible.

Fee: $20 for the first child. $15 for each sibling thereafter.

Please pay by clicking on the Donate Now button below. All donations are tax deductible. 



Contribute to Upakriti through AmazonSmile program


Contribute to Upakriti when you shop @ AmazonSmile



Its easy to contribute to Upakriti every time you shop with Amazon


A second chance to volley for SO-CARE

Upakriti & Coolguyz , on their mission to support education for underprivileged children, joined hands this year & hosted an amateur volleyball tournament in the SF Bay Area. The Coolguyz group has been religiously hosting the ‚ÄúVolleyball Cup‚ÄĚ tournament every year to raise funds to support a deserving non-profit org as a way of giving back to the community. To accomplish this, each year Coolguyz select an organization whose mission and vision resonates with them. This year, Coolguyz selected Upakriti, recognizing Upakriti’s deep and long running commitment to education of underprivileged children in India. In the words of a member of Coolguyz : ” Upakriti’s integrity & humility really touched our hearts and we instantly decided to support Upakriti”.

This tournament, a sporty-fight for the ‚ÄúCoolguyz Volleyball Cup‚ÄĚ had¬† men, women and children of all ages competing in their respective categories. This event was originally scheduled for the 21st¬†of September 2013, but wet-weather intervened and the games were halted bearing in mind the safety of the participants. The organizers stuck to their tasks and the enthusiastic teams came back in full-force on October 5th, 2013, ¬†volleying for a second time, successfully this time, with the sun and the smiles brightly shining through at Ponderosa Park in Sunnyvale, CA. There were more registrations than the first time and the participation was truly overwhelming. The event commenced at 8:30am on October 5th, 2013 when the ‘hunger-games’ for the Grand ‚ÄėCoolguyz Volleyball Cup‚Äô began & roared to life!

Some of the note-worthy highlights of the day were the surprise-sponsors who sponsored the young teams that were playing, the very organized help-desks by Coolguyz & Upakriti volunteers, the eatery-stalls, number of children volunteers from Upakriti that sold chilled-lemonade & eats to the players & families, the colorful “Art Corner” hosted by Upakriti youth volunteers to promote ‚Äúcreativity for education‚ÄĚ.

Upakriti and Coolguyz raised well over $3500 through this event. The proceeds are earmarked for SOCARE, a non-profit in India. This ¬†particular¬†event enabled Upakriti fulfill SOCARE’s funding needs for the rest of the year.

Pictures from this event can be found below :

Upakriti wishes to extend their deepest thanks to the Coolguyz teams, participants, families & friends and the array of generous sponsors Athidhi, Baysmile dental & others whose contributions made the day for us and the SOCARE children in India! So go ahead & take a bow. It is much deserved.

-The Upakriti Team


Pictures from the Volleyball Tourney organized by CoolGuyz benefitting Upakriti

Aravind talking passionately about Upakriti

Aravind talking passionately about Upakriti

Volleyball Tourney in progress

Volleyball Tourney in progress

Enthusiastic ballers

Enthusiastic ballers

Young Upakriti volunteers raising funds (Lemonade stand)

Young Upakriti volunteers raising funds (Lemonade stand)

Upakriti Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes

Upakriti Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes


Breaking News : CoolGuyz’s 2nd Annual Volleyball Tournament (beneficiary : Upakriti)

Genesis of this idea

CoolGuyz’s, a small group of friends from the SF Bay area, organized a volleyball tournament last year, which was a roaring success with over 150 participants. This success encouraged them to dream bigger. Part of their dream was to give back to the community that they grew up in, and one of the CoolGuyz’s members proposed Upakriti as the beneficiary for all proceeds from this tournament.

After a few frantic phone calls, we agreed that this was a great idea for Upakriti and also for CoolGuyz.

Announcing CoolGuyz’s 2nd Annual Volleyball Tournament

Coolguyz Volley Ball Tournament


Upakriti a “GuideStar Exchange – Bronze Participant”

We are proud to announce that Upakriti is now a “GuideStar Exchange – Bronze Participant”




Thanks to everyone…

Thanks to everyone who came out today for Team Upakriti at Sevathon 2013! Special thanks to Chara, Sundar, Purvi, and Rakesh for their support!



Upakriti Participants and Race Results. Congrats to all the runners, you have made us very proud!!!



Sevathon 2013

Walk/Run for a cause this Sunday… Join Upakriti and team during this year’s Sevathon 5k/10k. Register today/now!

Learn more