Sun Fun 2006


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About 35 enthusiastic Upakritians participated with much zest in the sweltering 107 degF heat. After some food, festive games and general frolic, volunteers kicked off the “Mission SOCARE” campaign by giving a short presentation on SOCARE: the academics & sports achievements of the children housed at SOCARE, the financial reports from the organization and the highlight of the day – an interview with Mrs.Mani founder of SOCARE. As Mrs. Mani spoke about a typical day at SOCARE, one could not help but admire the love and dedication with which the children are being looked after. Many Upakritians were surprised that a dollar a day would help provide all the basic necessities for these children including food, clothing, medicines, board, school fees, uniforms, supplies, computer center, extra-curricular activities, and celebrations during festivals. The cost for sponsoring all these for one child is $38.25/month and there are 63 children housed at SOCARE. As of 1st Aug, we have 4 children sponsored, thanks to Madhu Shenoy and Harsha Ramachandra.


Many thanks to Saravana, Vijay and Arjun for organizing this and many others for volunteering in whatever way they can to help make this event a success and most importantly thanks to all those couragious and committed individuals who attended the event on a very hot day!.


Special thanks:

To Saravana Venkataraman for sponsoring a meal at AIM for SEVA on his birthday. Here’s a report from AIM for SEVA

“On 4ht July, dinner Was Sponsored By Sri Sarvanavenkataraman, at our hostels in Srinagar And Karanaprayag , Normally we serve sweet and raita alogwith normal food when someone sponsored meal, but on this occasion all the items which my boys normally do not get were served. Whenever they come to hostel after attainding scholl they see
on the way restaurants reparing chowmien it smell is very tempting sothey are very crazy about it. We served chowmien, Samosa , Bread pakora, Rasmalia( Sweet) Mango (fruit) the boys were very happy to have all these dishes. We have 34 boys in srinagar hostel and 28 boys in Karanprayag hostel all them prayed for happiness of Sri