Frequently Asked Questions

Upakriti believes that education provides the best chance for underprivileged children to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation, and to become contributing members of society. Our goal is to create a permanent change in the lives of these children through long-term involvement with organizations whose work is aligned with Upakriti priorities.
Upakriti is a nonreligious nonprofit committed to ensuring education continuity for underprivileged children in India regardless of caste, creed, religion, or color. Typically, Upakriti funds secular organizations. However, Upakriti may fund projects with religious affiliations provided their services are inclusive of children of all faiths and there is no evangelizing or proselytization.
Upakriti does not fund any political organizations or efforts in India.
Upakriti provides grants to projects that are committed to ensuring education continuity for underprivileged children in India. For more information, please visit the What We Fund page.
Upakriti makes all grants using an objective project selection criteria. The grant seeking organization is required to provide detailed information about its activities, its annual budget, the project for which grant is sought, and the expected impact of the project. Whenever possible, Upakriti also undertakes a site visit prior to arriving at the final funding decision. For additional details about grant making, please visit the Grant Making Process page.
Upakriti closely monitors all of its currently supported projects. Monitoring consists of receiving regular status reports and financial statements from organizations being funded and conducting regular site visits. At the end of the funding period, organizations are also required to send in a final report describing the overall impact and accomplishments of the program. For additional details, please visit the grant monitoring section of the Grant Making Process page.
Upakriti does not provide all the funding up front. The total funding amount is disbursed to the projects in phases. Grant disbursal typically takes place on a monthly or a quarterly basis. Continued support is contingent upon submission of acceptable reports and financial statements describing progress made on the program and accounting of fund usage.
Please visit our Grant Application Package page for information on submitting a grant proposal.
Yes! To visit a project, please Contact Us.