Revathy Sankaranarayanan

My name is Revathy Sankaranarayanan. I came to US in 2009 after marriage. I came to know about Upakriti through my husband as he is also involved with Upakriti. Since I haven’t been involved with any Non-Profit organization before, everything that is being done in Upakriti was a new experience for me.

line-height: 26px;While in India, I used to visit orphanages in my hometown once or twice a year and do some kind of donation. Nothing more than that … I have also not seen people engaging in lot of NGO activities. But here, I see people getting involved in lot of NGO activities. I am really amazed at The scale in which these are happening in US. So many lives are getting transformed everyday as a result of these activities, not just for the people in India, but also for the people over here. By doing such selfless service, it gives so much happiness, joy and a big mental break from the hectic life. It gives a different meaning to this life. By merely existing as a human being doing mundane activities, there is not much joy in life; there is only stress in life. But, when we do something for others who are in real need of help, it gives us so much contentment in our lives. And I am very grateful to Upakriti for giving me such an opportunity for being useful to others. Initially, I had some questions about Upakriti as to who all started it, how was it started, what motivated them to start it and how they work towards achieving their mission. When I came to know that it was started by just a group of friends fresh out of university 10 years back I was amazed to know that they had such thoughts of doing selfless service at such an early age itself ! And what most impressed me is the fact that they were helping the needy and underprivileged children in India. Even though Upakriti has been supporting handful number of projects,they have been doing so consistently for the last 10 years.All these facts inspired me to get involved with Upakriti and do something for the children in India !